Vatan Street

From here, we walked through the side streets of Fatih, struggling with the traffic, among the gazes of people who had seen foreign tourists. There is an area close to the point where Akdeniz Street connects to Vatan Street. There is a small park where people take a breather. There is a neglected, unpretentious masjid in an area that we can call right inside it. We hardly noticed, it just came out of restoration! Yes, this is Mimar Sinan Masjid. He did it for himself. No, it’s not a mosque, it’s a masjid…malla espaldera

In his work named Tezkiretülbünyan, he describes it as “This is the mosque of the poor”. Husband Sinan, who brought the golden age of Ottoman architecture to life, built the most magnificent dome of all times and left around 400 works, built a mosque for himself. Today, the mosque, which is in a pit, was built in two parts as summer and winter. The courtyard door is between the mosque and the minaret, and the summer section is L-shaped as the last congregation place. The harim windows are two-storied, and the minaret of the mosque looks elegant and unpretentious. There is no building other than the masjid, and the masjid is surrounded by shanty houses. sekurigi

It has come to a state that it cannot be rinsed from the smell of dampness inside, and there is no treasure left. Our guide, who heard these complaints, was sad and a little embarrassed. He was able to say, “If Semavi Eyice had not been a teacher, he would have disappeared completely.” What kind of a nation are we that we cannot even protect or promote the mosque of an architect that is taken as an example by the world. However, this place should have a weight and value like a museum…